“Habasselet is a design studio that meets the world in all its diversity, seeing beauty in ashes and weaving art and poetry into stories of intrigue and imagination.”

Our philosophy is to bring out the best in every project regardless of size or budget. There is a beautiful story waiting to be unearthed in each tailor-made design, intricately and intimately linked with the personality and aspirations of each client.

Anna Choo

Anna is a highly experienced designer and renovator with deep knowledge of the field. She has designed and managed a portfolio of varied and diverse projects ranging from high-end residential condominiums and landed property to affordable public housing in Singapore. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from the National University of Singapore.

See Jia Ho

See Jia is a New-York-registered architect. She teaches architecture and interior design at a number of tertiary institutions including the National University of Singapore. She is the recipient of the prestigious DesignSingapore Overseas Scholarship and received her Master in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

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