This is a house designed for a client that has a huge collection of toys, who wanted a gallery that can be seen from the street. We designed the gallery to be formed by an internal "house within a house", using a typological gable roof rotated at a 90-degree angle to the actual house, and... Continue Reading →


Beauty is in proportion - a maxim we know well. This is a theoretical project comprising of a series of rooms in a landscape, each room becoming successively smaller as dictated by the golden ratio found in nature. An investigation of form and beauty, and an exercise in mystery. Which is the final room in... Continue Reading →


A house we designed for a salon owner couple and their three children, maintaining their wishes for a dynamic space that fosters interaction in an age of isolation. In response to the local tropical climate, we provided a high proportion of open-ness for the wind while providing deep eaves for the rain. The concept is... Continue Reading →


Like a creature out of a Miyazaki movie, a biomorph that walks out of imagination space into imagination space, on stilts, with windows, and a roof that sheds rain. It eats trees. [Designed in collaboration with Joanie Tom and Rachel Moranis]

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