Dental Clinic

A playful and intimate space for a dental clinic, including a reading tree with integrated lighting and a play area for children. We sculpted a one-of-a-kind continuous concrete counter and bench, designed to seat both adults and kids.

Apartment R

Sometimes we don't want to do the same things all the time; a house could change depending on your needs. We designed flexible spaces with slide-and-park doors overlaid in seamless large-format tiles for a soft industrial look.

Apartment H

A hand-crafted home. We brought the warmth of the earth back to apartment living with artisan plasterwork, antique marble and wood grains. --- Artist impressions:

Apartment E

Flat at Empress Road: An old HDB flat built in 1974, it houses a lot of history (and weather tear.) We saw stalactites formed by water dripping from above. But just like a person, a house is more than its parts. More pictures to come after renovation. Work in progress:

Apartment A

In this project, we encountered an HDB apartment that was built in the classic era of terrazzo flooring and kitchen walls tiled up to eye-level in stacked white squares. The client had a very limited budget for the renovation, but we wanted to avoid throwing our hands up and doing a regular run-of-the-mill design. Every... Continue Reading →

Apartment T

The design incorporates modernist concrete walls and rusted-steel floor tiles, balanced with the warmth of wood surfaces and accented with the subtle richness of a few brass endings and fixtures and a luxurious marble feature wall. Balance, as usual, is of the essence in design - too much brass is not gold. A classy interior... Continue Reading →

House C

For a salon owner couple and their three children, we designed an interior that is both elegant and down-to-earth. The palette exudes warmth and creativity by the use of subtle and elegant tiles and finishes with finely crafted fixtures: We also designed the unique exterior architecture and spatial concept for this house, please see 'Kampung':... Continue Reading →

Apartment S

For an HDB apartment with a limited budget, we proposed the concept of 'juxtaposition' - accentuating the old with the ultra-modern. It is a rule that we know in our observation of spaces, that balance is everything. The old is not always boring, the new is not always exciting. The tension that comes from the... Continue Reading →

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