Beauty is in proportion – a maxim we know well. This is a theoretical project comprising of a series of rooms in a landscape, each room becoming successively smaller as dictated by the golden ratio found in nature. An investigation of form and beauty, and an exercise in mystery. Which is the final room in the sequence, the smallest room or the largest? For there is a hidden room: the 6×6 matrix made up of the smallest squares is also the largest square, completing the spiral.

The model is finely crafted using white museum board cut by hand:

Each successively smaller room has a lower roof, and the smallest squares that form the 6×6 matrix are flat and merge into the ground level. However, the space between them slopes downward toward the center of the spiral forming a second ground – the final punctuation, a reflection of two worlds that meet in the middle between light and darkness, the known and the unknown.

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