Apartment T

The design incorporates modernist concrete walls and rusted-steel floor tiles, balanced with the warmth of wood surfaces and accented with the subtle richness of a few brass endings and fixtures and a luxurious marble feature wall. Balance, as usual, is of the essence in design - too much brass is not gold. A classy interior... Continue Reading →

Apartment S

For an HDB apartment with a limited budget, we proposed the concept of 'juxtaposition' - accentuating the old with the ultra-modern. It is a rule that we know in our observation of spaces, that balance is everything. The old is not always boring, the new is not always exciting. The tension that comes from the... Continue Reading →

House B

This is a house designed for a client that has a huge collection of toys, who wanted a gallery that can be seen from the street. We designed the gallery to be formed by an internal "house within a house", using a typological gable roof rotated at a 90-degree angle to the actual house, and... Continue Reading →


The design of the logo for Habasselet is based on an orthogonal rose. The idea of an "orthogonal rose", which is a rose drawn with straight lines and 90-degree angles, is related to the discipline of architecture and its associated mathematical character. By adjusting the sizes of the resultant squares and rotating the composition, an... Continue Reading →


A design of a set of invite graphics and instructions manual for a church event for young adults. The invite graphics encapsulate the character of the event which is a walk along the Marina Bay, designed using an aerial map and attractions along the route: Contemporary block colors are used to achieve a vibe that... Continue Reading →


Beauty is in proportion - a maxim we know well. This is a theoretical project comprising of a series of rooms in a landscape, each room becoming successively smaller as dictated by the golden ratio found in nature. An investigation of form and beauty, and an exercise in mystery. Which is the final room in... Continue Reading →

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