House C

A house we designed for a salon owner couple and their three children, maintaining their wishes for a dynamic space that fosters interaction in an age of isolation. In response to the local tropical climate, we provided a high proportion of open-ness for the wind while providing deep eaves for the rain. The concept is of houses within a house, the children having their own autonomy while shared spaces are reminiscent of the old village corners where people meet and sit under the open sky – the spirit of the kampung.

The exterior palette is a down-to-earth modernity consisting of rusted metal panels and raw concrete. The interior is similar which shows the porosity and degree to which the outside seeps into the inside of this house, but with a certain softness in the private rooms and bathrooms that incorporate warmth and creativity by the use of subtle and elegant tiles and finishes and finely crafted fixtures:

[Note: This project was done with Quod Architects.]

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