House B

This is a house designed for a client that has a huge collection of toys, who wanted a gallery that can be seen from the street. We designed the gallery to be formed by an internal “house within a house”, using a typological gable roof rotated at a 90-degree angle to the actual house, and inserting it into the second storey to create a separation between the back part of the level which is used for private rooms and the front part which is the gallery, the gable forming a slanted display shelf. The underside of the gable forms the ceiling of the main living space.

The rotated interior gable punctures the longitudinal boundary walls to make a simple yet bold architectural statement, questioning and playing with traditional typology. In contrast, the shell of the house overall is contemporarily rectangularized with a flat roof.

Sequence of spaces showing the interior gable:

[Note: This project was done with Quod Architects.]

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